Rescue Hydration

​​IV therapy & IM injections for improving overall wellness

  • Available onsite by appointment

  • ​Click below for a list of all services available 

Nutritional Programs

RN Certified Nutritionist: research-based wellness and nutrition education

  • Onsite by appointment
  • Offsite at their location

Advanced Body Composition (DXA)

DXA is the most accurate method for body composition analysis 

  • GE Lunar Prodigy: Gold Standard in body comp analysis
  • Available onsite

Physical Therapy Outreach 

Improving overall bone strength & wellness

  • ​Home Exercise Program implemented by Physical Therapist (DPT) at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

  • Access to home health therapy with fall risk assessment protocols   

Supplements & Devices 


        Office: 682-286-1309